Yeah!!!! CKU!!!!!

Okay, yes it has taken me this long to get back from CKU! I think I was living in some alternate world for awhile, daydreaming that I was still there. So, back to reality.

Here we are with the wonderful & inspiring Ali Edwards. She was very down to earth and really knows how to capture the art of everyday. I volunteered to help her and several other ladies with the Autism Speaks Silent Auction (which raised $2,700 whoohoo!)

Kelly's favorite lady, Michelle Hill with Lil' Davis Designs. What a spunky lady!!!! I regret not taking a class of hers, maybe next time.

Finally, Ursula in a shot. Tim Holtz, who my mom says is the "Brad Pitt" of scrapbooking. He was so COOL! A lot of fun and very talented. I have to mention that I did receive a compliment from the MAIN MAN himself! Thank you there is no need for applause. No really, thank you that's enough. HEHE!

We made these in his class and plan on doing our own spin on this for a bracelet or Christmas ornament for a class @ The Scrap Boutique.

We met a lot of interesting people, but one person I found quite peculiar was the "Walking Vegetation" as Kelly would put it. Okay you might be laughing now, but let this thing come walkin' out the bush after you've had two pina coladas and tell me you wouldn't be scared.

So, on to other human beings, such as Becky Higgins. Though I wanted to take all the album tracks, I'm so glad I did this one. I learned a lot about myself in "A Snapshot of Me" It was very enlightening & Becky was the sweetest person.

Jessica was so quirky I loved it. I really was not looking forward to this class due to my lack in knowledge of digi scrappin' but it ended up being one of my favorite classes. I'd love to take more of her classes.

CD, damn it, I did not realize she was teaching because I would have been all over her class. Her work in the magazines does no justice for the work you see in person. She is so artistically inclined. She was so nice and really fun to talk with. I can't wait to meet up with her again.

As for us, as you can see when we weren't star struck we had a good time and learned a lot that we hope to pass to our customers. So, be looking for a lot of fun & creative new classes. Hope to scrap with you soon.

P.S. The scoop: We will hold a convention in this area next year, so be on the look out here for updates.

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  1. Glad you survived your first flight and had a great time in Nashville. Next flight, DC to come visit me when I get back next year =)

    One of the guys that I'm working with had never flown before flying to GA for training and then to that's really stepping out for your first flight =)