Some questions that are arising:

What is the shopping pass?
The shopping pass allows for those who are not cropping to shop in the booths. So, do not purchase this in addition to your Crop ticket, when you purchase a Friday or Saturday the shopping comes with it.

Do I have to purchase both days to qualify for the drawing? No, it is the first 50 to purchase whatever.

Do we have to stay the entire time? No you don't. The times are from 8AM-2AM each day and you may come and go as you please, your spot will be saved.

If we want to sit with others, do we have to fill out one form? No, fill out one for each person, but be sure to put the names of each group member on the form at the bottom.

Will vendors be available the entire time? The vendors will be open from 8AM-Midnight each day.

What are make-n-takes? The make-n-takes that we will be doing are one page layouts. Supplies will be provided to you with instructions and twice during each crop you will complete one of these with us and staff as your guide.

Will we be able to leave our things at the center? Yes, but I do suggest bringing a blanket or sheet to cover your materials.

If anyone has anymore questions please feel free to ask a question in comments.

Ready, Set, Go!!!!

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Our mailing address is 5575 Hwy 1, Lockport, LA 70374

For all You Rappers, I mean Scrappers

Turn off my music down below!!!

Girls Gone Crafty

Join us on a scrapbooking journey, Girls Gone Crafty is Friday- Saturday, August 1-2, 2008 @ the Cut Off Youth Center in Cut Off, LA. Several vendors will be attending and a few special guests. Included in the festivities will be Beginning-Advanced classes, 3 available crops, challenges, make-n-takes, loaded goodie bags, and doorprizes. Also available will be a concession stand with plate lunches, goodies, refreshments, coffee, beignets, & daiquris. We will also have a photographer and massage therapist onsite. Registration will begin in April. There is limited space available, so first paid will be the first seated. That's right you will choose exactly where you want to sit. The first 50 paid to purchase any of our Paths will be entered into a drawing to win a rolling tote from MIMI worth over $140. Keep looking for more reveals each week as we discuss more of the surprises and vendors we have in store. Our website is being created as we speak, so as soon as it is done all info will be posted there.

So, Like

I was tagged for 7 random things and since this kind of goes with the random thought comment giveaway I do every month. I thought Hey what the Hay!

1. I have had probably more jobs than I've changed my underwear, okay so I'm overexaggerating a bit, but I've had plenty - everything from a waitress - bartender - BK drive thru cashier - family therapist - high school teacher - okay so, maybe like more than the times I've shaved my legs. Now that is quite possible. LOL

2. My plan before children was to be in the Peace Corps.

3. I'm totally obsessed with Scrap In Style I view layouts for sometimes 2 hours a day, but hey I consider that work - it helps to inspire me to create.

4. I love Banana Splits - like old fashioned ones in the boats.

5. I think my children are crazy, not like mentally, but so silly and weird sometimes that I think I might be trapped in some sitcom.

6. My kids & husband think farting is a sign of affection.

7. I reread my posts 2-3 times for grammatical or spelling errors. It'll drive me nuts to discover them later.

Okay, so tag you are it! Hit me up with a random and get lucky with some Green Scrap!

Easter Pictures

Unexpected Moments Photography will be at the Bayouside Park in Lockport on Thursday, March 13th from 4:00-7:00p.m. We will have various props and a live bunny.
We are running a special for Easter!!!

There will be no sitting fee
Our package includes:
1- 8 x 10
1- 5 x 7
4 wallets (one pose)......... $20.00
additional sheets are $10.00 per sheet

If anyone is interested, please let me know before Wednesday so we could make arrangements for the bunny. Email Becky or call (985) 532-9035.


I love having a girl. All the girly things you get to do after having 2 boys. You get to dress them up, play with their hair without them saying, "Moooommm, stop!" You have a companion when the boys go fishing, you get to play with dolls again, and baking is too much fun. But by golly, she is smothering me here. If I don't work and I'm home all day she has to be up my butt. She has to be pressed up against me as I work, tugging on my legs as I wash the dishes, do the laundry, & clean the house. If I sit you better believe she is backing her butt up to my lap. I can't breathe. I thought maybe if I just play with her every other hour that would do the trick. I thought that just maybe she just wanted some attention, but trust me she gets enough. I adore her, she is funny, a bright light on a bad day, sweet, and healthy I couldn't be blessed more. But Jeez I need some space. Like I don't even understand why she likes me so much, I'm always griping about her being on top of me. I guess I should feel flattered that she wants to be around me so much and I know others tell me that soon she'll have nothing to do with me, but as for today, I'm just happy she's sleeping so I can type this.