Bad Blogger!

I could probably write a song on Bad Blogging and of course in the lyrics it would probably include my name. I know your every waking moment depends on the word vomits that I have daily. LOL!!! So with no furtherado here's the new stuff. Many lines mixed together, but they look so beautiful together, I'll be posting layouts soon.

Also, we have a site on with shirts, notepads, mugs, and more. You can buy them from the site or we'll have a few soon in the store. I'm so excited about this because I burned the midnight oil designing these. I hope you like them.

Next, I'd like to let everyone know that our Valentine's Line is selling out fast. Lots of new things are popping up everywhere in the store, but our most exciting is Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard and Tim Holtz's Grungeboard. Below is the link to see the Grungeboard in action.
CHA is coming soon in Anaheim and we have never been more excited to go. I'm actually comfortable with the flight, but I'm sure that the closer the date gets I'll be a little more nervous then. We will be closing the shop Feb. 9th - 12th. We will be learning loads of information for you and for us. Business & Pleasure. We'll be coming back with plenty of new ideas and products. We hope to make some big changes in the next few months. We have big dreams and with your help filling out our survey we have a better idea of where we can improve. To answer some of the questions, I'm going to kind of sum it up. We have a few requests for technique classes, day classes, and more products. We will definitely try to do more technique & day classes. We tried these in the past and it really didn't work out, but maybe with the influx of new customers this might work. So thanks for the suggestion! Also concerning more products, there is no doubt that we have limited space and I hope everyone understands that we wish we had more, but since we don't PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us any suggestions on products you'd like to see. If enough of you ask for it we'll definitely be more than happy to put it in the store. In the past, we made a few mistakes of just ordering on one person's request and then end up with a lot of extras that take up space. So we are definitely living and learning. So, thank you again for all your help in assisting us to grow to be a better store.

2 Amens to That Sista:

  1. love the grunge board--can't wait to try it. thanks

  2. yo...where did you book your flight and hotel??? =)