Getting distracted while reading some blogs, a person I admire Noel had this on her blog and I thought it might be fun to try out.

How funny is this? I usually get told I look like one of the Olsen Twins, but here I am with some A list stars. Wish I was making the money that their faces are making.

And my husband, don't know about some of them, but hey compare him to Gerard Butler or Matthew Fox anyday.

So, lately I've been really having a task of more than I can handle. I'm trying the give it up to Him thing, so I don't "lose my religion". If it's not bad enough that our dog, Smokey will have accidents in the house every so often that I have to clean, now I have my daughter the streaker, who decides it's so much fun to run around the house with no diaper and sqwat (not sure how to spell that). Ugh! Well, I guess if I can handle Hunter, the Picasso of Poo - I can handle Claire the Sqwatting Stripper.

Alot has been on my mind lately, creatively. I want to go in so many directions with my business and personally. I was rejected for a chance to be chosen on a design team, but it might have been my technical default. My submission never reached her and by the time I knew it was too late to be placed in. So, now I don't know if my talent would have been good enough. Which really sucks, cuz I needed a little boost to carry out my plans. Guess I'll have to try something else. Stay tuned for what I do next. HEHE! Like I have such a large audience on a mini-series or something.

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