I love having a girl. All the girly things you get to do after having 2 boys. You get to dress them up, play with their hair without them saying, "Moooommm, stop!" You have a companion when the boys go fishing, you get to play with dolls again, and baking is too much fun. But by golly, she is smothering me here. If I don't work and I'm home all day she has to be up my butt. She has to be pressed up against me as I work, tugging on my legs as I wash the dishes, do the laundry, & clean the house. If I sit you better believe she is backing her butt up to my lap. I can't breathe. I thought maybe if I just play with her every other hour that would do the trick. I thought that just maybe she just wanted some attention, but trust me she gets enough. I adore her, she is funny, a bright light on a bad day, sweet, and healthy I couldn't be blessed more. But Jeez I need some space. Like I don't even understand why she likes me so much, I'm always griping about her being on top of me. I guess I should feel flattered that she wants to be around me so much and I know others tell me that soon she'll have nothing to do with me, but as for today, I'm just happy she's sleeping so I can type this.

3 Amens to That Sista:

  1. I agree 100% If your name wasn't on that paragraph, I would have thought I had written it. My two year old does the exact same thing. She only wants me, all the time. It drives me crazy, but when she goes to bed at night or, once in a blue moon, goes to her Grammy's house, I really miss her snuggles. I am trying to cope with the two year old growth that has attached herself to me, but at times I feel so Claustrophobic, I have to go outside and just breathe. I have to believe that it gets better as time goes by.

  2. Both of my kids are like that. Luckily they are 17 mos apart so they play well together. well they have just started playing well together.

  3. OH yes, I had two boys and then a girl too. The are definitely barnacles clinging to a rock. But they're also 10 times more helpful and so super sweet.