Tippin' Thursday or a Tale of Terror

Once upon a time there was a lady who appeared at The Scrap Boutique after a long journey from work to hopefully end her day scrapbooking the night away. She began nipping, tucking, cutting, & adhering all in her reach until she came upon a terrible sight. Bubbles, and no not the sweet beautiful kind from a newborn's mouth or the wispy, fun ones blown from children all around. She came across a dilemma and turned to the clerk distressed, "Whatever shall I do I have bubbles on my letters where the diamond glaze* lays." The clerk seeing the damsel in distress rode in with a needle in hand and popped all the bubbles away. The clerk then warned the damsel that the next time she used this glaze that she not shake it, let it settle and turn it over to let it flow freely. And the damsel and her diamond glaze lived happily ever after.

*reference: Diamond Glaze by Judikins or Glossy Accents both are dimensional adhesive used to give an epoxy look to items on page.

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