Coffee Fit

Nothing tics me off more than not having my morning coffee. Especially, if I worked on making it and didn't get a sip. This happened to me yesterday, but I was so mad I couldn't even write about it. I snapped at little things and was just real grouchy. So let me tell you how this all went down. Smokey our dog is sweet, but a puppy so very hyper. My eldest son lets him in the house and they are playing yesterday morning while I'm getting the other two ready for school. I had left my coffee on the counter. Well, I've got an olympic gymnast dog or something, because he manages to jump up on top of the counter while my eldest is enthralled in morning cartoons (dang it) and drinks my coffee. So, not only do I not get my fix, but my dog is even more hyper now. Like I needed that. Well, of course I'm yelling punishing everyone in sight even my husband, might I add that is not even here. I kick Smokey out the house, no not literally, so don't call SPCA on me. And then my middle child asks me what's wrong, I tell him nothing and he says, "Mom, you need your coffee." Is it that obvious. Needless to say "don't ever touch my frickin' coffee, okay" Now that I'm done with my hissy fit you may return to your normal lives.

2 Amens to That Sista:

  1. I just remembered we forgot to stop at Starbucks to get you a cup of coffee that day we drove to Houma, Oops! But hope the crispy seasoned fries made it up =) (now I just got myself in trouble, I might fly down soon...of course to visit you =).

    How are YOU?

    Hope you had your coffee today! =)

  2. OK sorry but when I read this all I did was laugh! I don't drink coffee, except on special occassions, bbbrrrhhhaaahhahaa... sorry... I am still laughing at the thought of your dog drinking your coffee. Hope today was a better day.