"Motivating Monday"

Okay, I know it's not Monday, but hey better late than never. So I'm sure you have now gone through all your BD (before digital) pictures, all 5,334 of them this weekend, good girl! LOL We are now going to continue on to the AD (after digital) pictures, which I'm sure are just as scattered as the BD ones except your husband's not complaining about tripping on these in boxes. So if you have them on disc, card, or camera - take a day to download them all on your hard drive, I know a lot of work, but it will be well worth it in the end. You will then write down all the categories you would like them to appear in. This could be by year, theme, person, etc. I always choose person, that is my preference. So, I make a folder for each person and then I carefully start to move the pictures to their rightful folders. Just make sure you delete the ones as we said last week that might be out of focus, too dark, etc. Next be sure you also save all the new folders organized on a disc or some sort of backup. After you have done that you are well on your way to a lifetime of digital happiness. LOL

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