"Techie Tuesday"

Again, it's not Tuesday, but I'm playing catch up!

A lot of times I find some of the patterned paper might be a little too much for me, so I like to break it down. And no I don't mean I start doing the running man in my scrap room. I fussy-cut, now what is fussy-cutting you ask. Well don't fuss, I'll explain. It goes a little something like this: Choose a patterned paper and simply cut some of the pattern out, originally a quilting technique it has moved to paper. As you can see in my canvas here I cut only a "strip" of the patterned paper to break it up. It makes a wonderful accent if you just want to cut out a flower, paisley, etc. So, go cut something up, but just leave the fussing out - I've got enough problems of my own to hear. LOL

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