"Tippin' Thursday"

So, I've decided that we need to post other things besides updates to make this interesting. So each day I'll be bring you something new. (Well, let's say I'll try)

Monday will be Motivating Monday

Tuesday will be Techie Tuesday

Wednesday will be Wacky Wednesday (and no on this day I won't be like slashing prices like some furniture guy on TV - our prices are already low)

Thursday will be Tippin' Thursday

Friday will be Frappachino Friday

So for Tippin' Thursday, I'm going to feed you with a great tip for crafts & scrapbooking. I might have shared this little tidbit in a crop once, but now I'm feeding it to the world (b/c there's like a load of starving people out there and my dad always cooks too much).

Journaling never has to be perfect, but if you're a perfectionist you might want to try this. Get a transparency or report cover sleeve or whatever you might have on hand. Grab some magazines and a slick writer or permanent marker. In the magazine look for fonts that you might like, ear mark them. Then take the transparent material and place it over the letters you want to use for a title or name whatever and then start tracing. Mix it up if it doesn't have exactly the letter you want. Cut it out, stick it on your page and voila. Also, if you find the title is really not popping on your patterned paper, add some paint to the back of the transparent material.

Hope you enjoyed Tippin' Thursday!!!

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