Frappachino Friday

Okay, so it's Frappachino Friday. So kick back & relax, grab some coffee or your drink of choice, get a load off your chest if you will and think about what you might like to scrap or craft today or tonight. I've been thinking a lot about the Green movement. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - which by the way makes me want to sing the song by Jack Johnson. So anyhow, I'm crafting loads of things from some things around my home, such as jean purses out of my kids jeans. Cute, huh and they make great gifts.

And don't waste the legs, use them to for grocery bag holders or to stuff your kid's socks in them or your socks. So go out there and craft it up, I'll be watching. And not like stalker watching, but maybe like the woman in the grocery store watching you fuss your children and every time you look up they look away. So basically not enough to like freak you out or something, but just enough to let you know I would like to see what you are doing.
Upcoming Events:
Scrappin 101 6PM Friday
Crop Night 7PM Friday
Scrappin' 101 11AM Saturday
National Scrapbooking Day Adventure - May 3rd
Girls Gone Crafty - August 1-2

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