"Tippin' Thursday"

Throw a few tips my way! Go ahead break open the piggy bank - just joking.

So I've been really pumped that I'm actually keeping up with this blog thing. I know it's not really posting on the right days or being sent on the exact days, but hey you got to give me props for really sticking to it. So here's my tip:

Don't take scrapbooking so serious that you don't enjoy the hobby. It doesn't have to be perfect, or balanced or have buttons or have glitter or chipboard to make it a wonderful layout. All it needs is your heart. As long as you put your heart into it then you can really say your layout is complete. And don't worry that you are like a gazillion years behind in your scrapping. That's not what it's about. It's what's happening inside of you right now that you are just putting down on paper. Whether it be about the past, present, or future it's showcasing how you feel about it at the moment. So stop stressing if the ribbon doesn't match just right or that you don't have that letter "a" you need, move on and make use of what you got. Or that your son is now 32 and you are scrapping his first steps. Just live in the moment and take it in one page at a time.

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Stampin' 101 - Friday 6PM
Crop Night - Friday 7PM
Get Digi Wit It - Saturday 11AM
SS Memory National Scrapbooking Day - Saturday, May 3rd
Girls Gone Crafty - Friday & Saturday August 1-2

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