"Wacky Wednesday"

If you only tune in for the scrapbooking, I must warn you now that you might want to skip your daily readings of this blog on Wacky Wednesday, because this will be the day I share some part of my CRAZY life. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog:

So, I was called for Jury Duty Tuesday and it was really interesting. I got to read half of The Secret and sit to watch events unfold right before my eyes. I was truly hoping that I wouldn't have jury duty, so having to call and find out I did - sucked! Then it sucked even more to get the kids ready 1 hour earlier than usual. But thank goodness for the heckling of an older lady in row 1. At least that's what I think turned Mr. Innocent into Mr. Guilty. As we sat for maybe 40 minutes, a lady in the front row gets a little impatient and begins to complain like a man waiting on his steak or Domino's Pizza and it's not there in the 30 minutes it was supposed to be. So she begins to say things to the man on trial, "Hey, is this your first rodeo?" The guy responds by nodding his head NO! She then continues, "That figures, what the h$%% you did?" He ignores her. Proceeding with her taunting (or shall I say plan - because I think this women knew what she was doing and this wasn't HER FIRST RODEO!), she says, "It's late, is it always this late since this ain't your first rodeo." He nods his head, yes and then signals his lawyer. As this is going on I hear someone behind me talking, "I'm a witness and I'm here to make sure this never happens again." I try to continue reading my book, but I'm feeling too distracted. We are then asked to leave and go across the street to another courtroom and about 30 minutes later are asked to return. We enter and discover that Mr. Innocent has now identified himself as Mr. Guilty. So there ends my day with a check, new revelations, and a newfound love for the aggressive elders in the world and all just in time for lunch to be eaten at Taco Bell with no kids fussing because they don't have chicken nuggets there.

1 Amens to That Sista:

  1. haha how crazy is that? Jury Duty... I've always hoped something exciting would happen while I was there.
    Oh and how weeeird about your comment because that's exactly what I ate when I went to Ihop! haha