Wacky Wednesday

Yay, Me! I'm actually now on the right day. So, my kids are driving me up the wall. Well, maybe not all of them, well yeah all of them. Anywhoooo, I know they are just being kids and I'm so glad that they are still kids and not grown yet or teenagers (At least I know that, not that young guy at the car wash who when asked to clean my van {yes I know it's about time} asked if my kids were in high school - ugh).
There's so much more I need to teach them before they get to that age. I just feel like I can never catch up or keep up for that matter. I try to stick to my routine, but I'm a live in the moment person and sometimes I don't stick to the routine b/c I like to stop everything we are doing and sometimes just dance to James Brown or something. I guess I just need to accept that it is impossible and that I should just let it go. Well, maybe not the dishes as my husband would say, but all the other things that won't matter in the end.
So, my focus for at least the next 5 minutes will be to breathe and soak it all in, relax - and then return to the reality of my normal chaotic life.

Also, if interested we have gift cards for Mom or for Teacher Appreciation.
We have wish lists for Mom's or whomever wishes to leave a little hint for those shopping for them. When a wish list is filled out, it is then scanned and saved and the recipient is given cards that say: "I really don't want you to spend your money on me ... but if you insist then visit The Scrap Boutique for ideas. Free gift wrapping is included." to hand out.

We know have the Girls Gone Crafty access to the blog on the left of this blog. More updates will be given soon. We are now offering Friday for $20 as a half day starting @ 5PM - til. If interested just write that in the comments section of your registration form and I will note that. No half day will be given for Saturday. Please be aware though that a purchase of at least one full day will have to be made in order to receive your goody bag.

Upcoming Events:
National Scrapbooking Day SS Memory - Saturday, May 3rd
Mother & Child Crop - Saturday, May 10th 11AM
Mom's Night Out - Saturday, May 10th 6PM
Crop Night - Friday, May 16th 7PM
Scrap Metal - Saturday, May 17th 12PM
Scrap Challenge - Tuesday, May 20th 6PM
Crop Night - Friday, May 30th 7PM

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