Techie Tuesday

Though a lot of people are afraid to make the digi jump, most just don't want to because of how time consuming it seems to be. Yet once you learn a few tricks in Photoshop, it's actually quite easy. Brushes as you will soon see are so versatile and they make lovely accents, stamps, etc.

You can access several brushes online for free or at a small cost. My fave site Polka Dot Potato. Once you have brushes downloaded to your computer, click the arrow on the brushes palette and choose load brushes from the fly out menu. This will open a new window that allows you to navigate to the location where you saved the brushes on your hard drive. Once you've decided on a brush you want to use, you can use the brush tip shape window of the brushes palette to change the size or angle of the brush. Make sure your background layer is highlighted in the layers palette and simply "stamp" your brush by clicking the mouse.

Good Luck and if anyone has any questions feel free to comment here or email me.

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