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There should be a law put into effect that all men must marry and sign over all their rights, kind of like a power of attorney thing, to their wife. I mean they are not using their brains anyway. They are totally incapable of making an actual decision, ok let's retract that maybe they are just not making it with the right head. Like fa' real - fa' real (said in my wonderful high pitched voice)! Now this is not to say every man is a complete idiot, but face it - some are and they don't think about who they hurt in the process.

Note: my husband is not the reason for this post.

But to some degree, each man is incapable of making decisions. Like my husband can't pick out a place to eat to save his life. Like really we would probably still be sitting in some parking lot making a decision on where we should go to eat and that was last week. Of course, some are worse than others. Some make life changing decisions without consulting with their wives and then they wonder why they are divorced, lonely, & poor. Stupid decisions! Stupid men!

Note: please do not hold me responsible for said men getting angry about reading this and making stupid decisions. What am I talking about, no men read this, but if they did - Consult with your wife, before you do anything. You'll be in less trouble in the long run. And to those who do consult with their wives, kudos to you. You deserve the Best Husband Award, well actually if you can win it competing against my husband. Good Luck with that!

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  1. funnnnnny! you are insane! i totallllllly agree.

    nicole petersen