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You will see us at the store, if you are passing through be sure to stop, we still have plenty of items to sell. Our last day in the store with products will be August 22nd. Please pass the word! We will still be emailing everyone and also be starting something new. If you'd like to kind of get a head start on the site you can go to We are still getting it together, but feel free to peak in.


I absolutely hate talking to operators on the phone or the machines when you call a company and you have to press like 50 million numbers to get to the dept. you need to talk to and then when you do get to them, they are like reading from a script. I know legally they probably have to read from their computer screen, but ugh! I hate it! I actually had it happen to me yesterday and couldn't follow what she was saying, so I asked her for a minute could you speak english and not read from the screen and just answer my question. I mean I could never have that job - what a crappy job. Hopefully it pays well.

Note: For those who have these "crappy" jobs, I will pray for you and I'm sorry if I offended you, because you like your "crappy" job.

1 Amens to That Sista:

  1. i was at one of those crappy jobs for over 3 years...and it sucked BIG time. while the people there were fun to work with, the pay was awful and the actual work was the worst. there were certain levels of calls to take and the scripted ones were the worst ever. i'd be cringing over what i was saying and bc i had to say it 10,000 times a day! ugh-so glad to be outta there!