Motivating Monday

Usually anyone just entering into the scrapbooking hobby or even those just trying to keep up or catch up, can say they have too many pictures. Most of those pictures that are BD (before digital) might be blurry, the back of someone's head, overexposed, etc. So why do we keep them, because we are naturally hoarders by instinct. So evolve and take the steps to getting rid of those unmemorable photos and focus on the few that have a real meaning.

Here are some simple tips to do just that:

First start with any BD pics - go through them and throw away - yes I said throw away those that are meaningless or as mentioned above not good pictures. Do not be afraid, it is okay, we will get through this together.

Now with the actual identifiable pics, seperate them into three piles
1. Storytelling Pictures - pictures that when you look at them you have to explain a little more to it.
2. Memory Pictures - pictures that say enough on there own of an event in your life or another's.

3. Random Pictures - pictures of just a random pic that you don't really have a story for, yet don't want to just throw away.

So now that your photos are seperated, decide what type of scrapper you are
1. Storyteller Scrapper - one who likes to tell the story behind the pictures, then journal away.
2. Memory Scrapper - one who likes to just capture the memories and place them beautifully in a book with a title.
3. Random Scrapper - one who likes to just scrap as a hobby and has no real purpose to the album.

So after you have decided what photos to scrap, take the rest and just put them in a regular album. File the ones you are scrapping either by theme, person, or chronologically whichever makes better sense for you in some sort of photo box. Remember, it's what works for you, not everyone else. I like to scrap what inspires me at the moment and not worry about catching up. I like to look through my file every once in awhile and just pick something that inspires me.

Now doesn't that help that overwhelming feeling go away. LOL I know it'll be awhile before this goal can be accomplished, but take it box by box and you'll see some major progress.

As for AD (after digital), stay tuned and we'll get to that next week.

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