"Techie Tuesday"

Though this day won't always be digital techie, I thought I'd start with this.

There are a lot of things you can do digitally with just a click that might take hours to do by hand. I know I'm one that initially when I started scrapbooking I said I didn't want to go digital, because I enjoyed the hobby artistically and didn't want to take it into the digital world. But now that I've seen the small things I can do to my layouts digitally and still be artistic, I've changed my mind and gone somewhat Hybrid. So here are some small tidbits that I've learned that might make you come to the other side. (And no I'm not trying to bring you into some alternate world where you will have to make some sort of sacrifice on the altar or stay at my home and later commit yourself to the program by wearing clothing from the 17th century).

1. Distress without all the stress: Less mess is always a plus, especially if you are in a rush. Use digital brushes and frames on photos to create the same effect using different colors.

2. Stitch, don't &*^%$: Sometimes machines have a mind of their own and face it your eyes aren't what they used to be (well mine never were), but you can simply stitch digitally on your page using lots of digital stitches available online. http://www.designerdigitals.com/ and http://www.scrapartist.com/.

3. Don't align, confine: If you are already cropping your photos, why not group them together and mat them all at once. http://www.flickr.com/ is great for making mosaics.

4. To Crop or Not To Crop: Sometimes leaving the "white" space in a picture can be beneficial. Use it to your advantage and maybe add a title or journaling to the space. Like the one done here by RiFi.

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