Learn Something Every Day!!

Well, what have I learned this week ...

actually let's just say in the past couple of days ...

Lesson #1: That I should pay close attention to how I say things and maybe put some of my educational background to use when I communicate.

ex. Hunter asked what was I sitting on and how long would I be sitting there, I was responded dumbfoundly, "What?" Hunter: "You just told someone on the phone that you were kind of going to sit on it for awhile."

Lesson #2: Never underestimate the superiority of a child.

ex. I have probably told Hunter a thousand times to not jump off the top of the sofa, but he doesn't get it. I came into the living room to witness Seth fussing at Hunter to not jump off the top of the sofa, b/c he could quite possibly break his legs and never play baseball again. It worked, now why didn't I think of that.

Lesson #3: That which is left out will always be destroyed by two year old.

ex. Layout on Table + Claire = Disaster & New Layout.

Lesson #4: Never ever, ever use staz on ink when said two year old is around.

ex. White walls are now black.

Lesson #5: Don't think for a minute, think in seconds b/c that's all it takes for it to whiz by.

Our events are going to fill up fast, so be sure to sign up soon! We are planning so much fun for our 1 year celebration!!! We have lots of ideas swirling about so stay tuned.

Here's what we've done so far this month:

Scrappin' 101

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